#18: Donate custom NFT to youth sports programs!

Social Chats

Join our founder & host, Tonya Scholz ( @knowaging) and co-host, Carlos Sicilia (@SiciliaStandUp) on Sunday, May 22 at 7 PM EST for #NFTsForACause (EPS 18) v/ @TwitterSpaces.

Chat w/ #hurmie donates custom #NFT to youth #sports programs!

Hurmie produces and donates custom NFT(s) to teams, leagues, schools, and small organizations…which they auction off (at live events and online) to help with their fundraising efforts. This program allows fundraisers with something new and helps educate and onboard a whole new audience!

Tap link below to join in via Twitter App. 👇


To listen LIVE via desktop, tap the button “Watch Video.” 👇

Social Chats

Social Chats is a multimedia and entertainment company. It’s a division of kNOw Aging, inc. a communications consultancy.

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