#04: Now for Tonga

Social Chats

Join Carlos, @SiciliaStandUp & Tonya, @knowaging on Sunday, January 30 @ 7 PM EST #NFTForACause

Chat w/ @CaritasNZ @T_Wellington_ @ManuelBrent3207 @NeuralismAI founders: @MecenAIte @metaSurreAlist @ComunqueDada @AI_rtist Artists: @soulmonsta @FunkyDncOnion @delta_sauce @WantWhatYouHave @iBrobotART @proximasan @Moerae7 @thors_thunder04 @franzipol @romanguillermo_ Now for Tonga, a collection with 19 artists collaborate.

Tap a link below to listen to the REPLAY. 👇


Social Chats

Social Chats is a multimedia and entertainment company. It’s a division of kNOw Aging, inc. a communications consultancy.

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